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's no more humanity left any more you don't look at them as a pesh. >> officers said when they looked at holmes he was detached and calm. the hearing could last all week. >> there isn't a timetable set for when doctors will release former president george h.w. bush from the hospital. we do know this. he is loving his football. his recovery is continuing where in recent days he is taking pride watching football wins by texas a&m and houston texans. he has a cough complications including a fever. crimson tide is on a role. number 2 alabama crushing notre dame 42-14. lacy was named mvp. his girlfriend stealing the shows in the stand. alabama. second straight title and third in four years. head coach now with four national championships. that is your 5@5:00. >>> fox news alert the only suspect in custody on the attack in benghazi has been released. ordering the release of ali karzai. four americans were killed including the u.s. ambassador to libya. we will be hearing from secretary clinton on the benghazi attack. returning to work after a month of battling health issues. molly henneberg
as a senator. he hasn't had a chance to speak for himself. so why all of the prejudging? i don't know. the senate rejected 9 cabinet nominations since 1834. the last was john towers the nominee for secretary of defense in 1989. back to you in new york. >> you know it's going to be a busy day if jennifer is up that early. >>> you might see the issue of raising taxes is over but house minority leader nancy pelosi saying not just yet. >>> another economic threat the debt ceiling law americas have to figure out how to curve spending and bring in more residents. what's the solution? listen to this? nancy pelosi is saying another round of tax increases is an option. >> do you agree with the republican leading the senate mr. mcconnell who said we are done with the taxing side of it now we have to cons tate on spending? is that done now? the revenue side of it taken care of yet? >> no, it is not. the president had 6 million in revenue he took 1.2 in this revenue we had $620 billion significant high end tax rate to 39.6 percent but that is not enough on the revenue side. we have already agreed
or they will miss their bus to school. >> i don't care if they don't go to school. >> such a funny movie. >> new survey out reveals women are grumpyer in the morning than men. >> those surveys say they dodged conversations with colleagues first thing in the morning. some even ignore their children. men on the other hand supposedly get up earlier and are more on the ball when they arrive to work. >> we want to know do you agree women are crankyer in the morning. send over your comments. shoot us an e-mail at fox frienfriendsfirst@foxnews.com. >>> working this schedule we can't afford to be cranky. >> i think it really depends. >> meet the lion that has been terrorizing an entire neighborhood. the truth is this lion, look at that right there, this lion isn't a lion at all. hard to believe. >> are you looking for a change in your life? what about a grand new life? cheryl casone has a list of the top companies hireing this week. hello. how are you? >> good morning to you. it is 23 minutes after the hour. here's a look at the headlines. a worker in an ohio billing department fired for refuse to go ge
opening day until 9:30 this morning. 401 k is doing pretty well. today you can thank the chinese. don't always thank the chinese. >> things are lacking good on the other side huge rounds of layoffs on top of morgan stanley announcing layoffs and there are big issues with the economy when the finance hal companies start saying we have to scale back. >> one reason the banks aren't making the kind of money the way they used to make money. they used to charge you and me a lot on credit cards venl they are cutting back. more than stanley laid off 1600 people. morgan stanley said they would layoff 1500 people. changes in the way credit card companies as well as banks can make money. wells far -- wells fargo talked about theirs and will they eliminate banks? >> they are usually 6 months to a year ahead of the rest of the business the nonfinancial business because they have a keen insight into what's going on. >> you hit on a key point. american express said they are trying to control their costs. they don't want their operating costs to go up more than 3 percent for the next two years. they
. >> we don't show the hostage video here we are just using the skill pictures. when you look at the pictures do you have any doubt whatsoever that's your husband? >> no. not at all. that is my husband. >> it was suggested by security ry of state clinton at least a year ago he was being held in some place in south asia. there is even talk he might be held in south pakistan or paris. do you know why she thought that? >> the e-mail came from pakistan. that is why we started looking at the possibility but i don't believe he is there. i believe he is still in iran. >> they spoke with secretary clinton about her husband and they said they will do everything they can to help him be home. he has been missing since 2007. >> before you leigh the hou-- ae the house let's get an update on the weather. >> there could be tornadoes in southeastern texas. it is part of the storm system that is producing a flooding concern across eastern texas, louisiana and arkansas because it has a lot of moisture with it and it will be dumping a lot of heavy rain and has been doing so since yesterday acros
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)